In reference to the ai vs ION thread..

Discussion in 'General No Spam' started by ksl arnet, Apr 27, 2001.

  1. UKWarrior

    UKWarrior Guest

    Re: In reference to the ai vs ION thread..

    nice 1 m8

    i knew it was the boards fault and thats why i sent mine back and got a full refund :)
  2. Inferno 2

    Inferno 2 Guest

    Re: In reference to the ai vs ION thread..

    i think i just figured out how to do it ;)
    not that i'd use it :)
  3. Re: In reference to the ai vs ION thread..

    Wanna know why im having a go at your hyporacy?

    cos Gazzy started a load of shit on our board about it... So gazzy... next time you wanna have a go at us... check your clan hasnt been doing the same sorta shit :p

    Wanna know why i said about the server... cos you said "we can do what we like on our server".... well according to neo it wasnt your server..... oh dear... got you there havent I :p

    simply answering your statements old bean.

    if you wanna win arguements... try argueing with Gazzy - its much easier

    then again im sure this post will be deleted.
  4. Hogo ION

    Hogo ION Guest

    Re: In reference to the ai vs ION thread..

    no it wont be will be left so people can see that most the other posts are humourous and you try to flame..but I'm a little above that

    good nite and grow up

    EDIT:Anyone know what 'hyporacy' is? :)
    also when i made that staement about the server been ours to do with as we see fit i was referring to the bans at the time ^G^ was on it.
    so ur little jibe'oh dear... got you there havent I '
    er no complete bollox
    then again im sure you'll edit ur post to fix ur errors
  5. Re: In reference to the ai vs ION thread..

    no i wont edit it, so what? I type fast and everyone makes typos

    if you were refering to the Ai Bans then fair enuff... but it seemed to be about neo's use of a bug.

    yes i know everyone was being humourous, but you say i care so much about what server its on, no i dont, but id say theres a difference in using a bug on a server you run and on a public server where you ruin other people's fun (or maybe you are gonna be running around with nasty and friends soon)

    I'm making a big deal about it cos of Gazzy. Especially as he made such a point of our hypoC:)) )racy but didnt bother to see what his own clan was doing.

    And if you just ban people from your server for a laugh then im sure itll be empty pretty quickly.

    To everyone else: Sorry for spoiling the KNIMOO fun ;) :lol:
  6. Gazzy

    Gazzy Guest

    Re: In reference to the ai vs ION thread..

    Uzi I make statements independant of what else is going on, since Firestorm acts like a manager of ION rather than a clan leader, I can safely say that each ION member isn't like a puppet on a string, led like drones (best analogy) by Phear.

    Although if you enjoy the good ole hand up arse and somebody else telling you what to do (saves stressing that peasize brain of yours) then so be it, we don't so please fk off :)
  7. Re: In reference to the ai vs ION thread..

    Yes Gazz... phear told me to post every word!

    whats that? ignore gazzy?

    Yes Master!
  8. ION Ace

    ION Ace Guest

    Re: In reference to the ai vs ION thread..

    I just gonna put my say into this. What I think happened.

    Me and Ninja were once messing around on ION server, just me and him on it, I complete overlord by accident while i was messing around, Ninja said wtf did u do ? I couldn't work out how it happened at first, but the eventually worked it out and showed Ninja and Firestorm I also later showed Neo, all on the condition they would never ever use it or show any1 else and afaik they didn't, I doubt Forst, Mael, Gazzy etc even know how to do it now. How G found out about this bug I don't know, but I wanted to keep it seceret as it could really fuck up a lot of public servers and I'm sure that this is now inevitable. Well at least I don't have to take the blame for being the first person to do it on a public server.

    Anyway some1 from ai (later found out it was G) did this on ION server, according to Neo he didn't know who it was so he just kickbanned all the ppl saying lol from the ai squad, I agree with what he did then, cos if he would ahve just banned G, the other Ai members would have been talking shit all the time anyway. I would have probably just passworded the server after that happened and given ai a warning that if they do that kinda shit again it would be a perm ban cept for clanmatches or testing server b4 clanmatch.

    They pick server1 for our match with them.
    We pick server2, it goes to random picking thingie, we win and server 2 it is.
    G asks to use ion server for a practice or something, we say no.

    Now comes the ironic bit, that Neo does it, I never asked him why he did it, but my guessis that he just got frustrated with the teams being so uneven (looks like 3v6 to me) I can understand that and what I usually do when that happens is ask some1 to switch, if no1 does in 10 seconds I change server and let my team play on 2v6, maybe the other team will get the picture when it's 6v0. But if it's clan ion server, I say screw it and icq Ninja or Neo asking if they wanna practice then just password the server although that has only happened once or twice, Hell I ain't paying all this money so ppl can take the piss.

    But I do think and already said to neo he shouldn't have used the bug on a public server for any reason at all and he did apoligise for breakng his promise never to use it.

    Also about it being our server and being able to do what we want with it I disagree, if it is unpassworded open for public then I think we should agree with the rules most other servers make, so we can't just ban any1 for no reason, but we should be able to password it and use it whenever we want since some of us are paying a lot of money for teh use of the server, it was a close vote wether or not to leave it passworded all the time or not.

    Anyway I think public servers are doomed now anyway, ppl are gonna start doing it "for a joke" all the time or 'just to test' not that I care tbh since I don't play public servers.
  9. ION Ace

    ION Ace Guest

    Re: In reference to the ai vs ION thread..

    I deleted some spam

    edit forgot to quote

    Am I the only one who thinks G is talking utter bullshit ?
  10. UKWarrior

    UKWarrior Guest

    Re: In reference to the ai vs ION thread..

    1 Ace if u visited Ai forum then u would know what G on about, then no he isnt talking bullshit

    2. i learned that bug the night it happeend and i never said lol more like WTF
  11. UKWarrior

    UKWarrior Guest

    Re: In reference to the ai vs ION thread..

    oh and a permanent Ban ?

    how on a dynamic ip unless ur there 24/7

    any way enough of the shit

    Ace edit : modem* That will prolly do it
  12. Gazzy AI

    Gazzy AI Guest

    Re: In reference to the ai vs ION thread..

    ok now i know u all are not geniuses but can i just say Ace u muct be stupid to write one sentence in that, and neo too tryin to say he didnt know who had done it

    when u win a map, u happen to go straight to the top of the scoreboard

    or that just pass u lot by all this time?

    we do not need/want to use your server, ever, it makes no diff to us at all

    christ i never thought id need to write stuff like this about an ex clan

    Neo had no grounds to kick all of us out simple as that, i couldnt give a shit tbh, rather childish though
    and Ace u r naieve to think only u and ninja find these things, speak to stiffler, perhaps he also knew ? :)
  13. ION Ace

    ION Ace Guest

    Re: In reference to the ai vs ION thread..

    I never said I was the only one to find it out, I jsut said I found, and told Neo, Fire and Ninja and I doubt any of them would have used it on a public server, but i could be wrong. But u do know that this IS going to fuck up a lot of public servers in the near future ?

    Ok time to look at this more closely, sinc eu say it isn't bullshit

    Where did u buy this KNIMOO2002 ? I thought it was made up keyboard.

    Ok now I'm getting really amazed, how the fuck do they do that ? I've heard of special microsoft ones that have stuff to boot certain programs or something, but wtf is that.

    HUH ? something one the keyboard that allows you to swap complete assault maps in record time ?? This must be a very special cheat.

    If u truely say that this isn't bullshit, than I am totally amazed
  14. Gazzy AI

    Gazzy AI Guest

    Re: In reference to the ai vs ION thread..

    so basically u admit that neo was wrong, u r wrong

    and the only thing u r right about is thats its shite and will fuck up public server?

    and can i have the msg G sent the IOn player about using your server, as frankly i lmfao at that, unless im proven wrong that is
  15. Gazzy AI

    Gazzy AI Guest

    Re: In reference to the ai vs ION thread..

    Ace wtf have u edited there? LMFAO

    that shows what?

    and pls quote where i said "g is NOT talkin bullshit"

    lol of course he fuckin is, hes takin the piss
  16. ksl arnet

    ksl arnet Guest


    Well id just two point out two things. For the first let Neo say something if he likes cause ure explainations is wrong Ace, not that it matters much..

    I would not play with uneven teams if i were aware they were.. BUt as u can see it was never 3-6 but 3-5 before Neo changed.. And often when maps start teams are like that because ppl enter late so its not much use to change right right away if i had seen anyway.... And as u notice at the map time he didnt waste any time so it aint frustration ;)

    It was no bad spirit at all at server, we had been playing for more then one hour when he did it. And i would never have bothered to take a screnie if it wasnt for the fact i didnt know how to do it. But i soon found out and i would not have posted this picture if i didnt think the "advanced" lamers knows already.. Since Neo did this a LONG time ago.. As a matter of fact i asked a friend before i posted if i really should, but he said he thought Nasty knew the trick anyway so....

    Well if u think it will start to ruin public games, please remove my screenie and/or posts giving clues about how to do it..

    And only reason i posted this at all was i thought it suprizing that u banned ppl for doing it on ION server.. Since an ION member had openly done it on the same server i didnt think u had any views against it..

    If he had done it on some other server it would have been different cause then i would not have looked at it like an "official" ION thing and not reacted the same..

    But it doesnt feel good to have started such a hassle since Neo didnt do it maliciously but more like a joke....
  17. Hogo ION

    Hogo ION Guest

    Re: ...

    wtf my posts gone..ffs you try to put a bit of humour into something and wtf!!!!
  18. Lupus siXth

    Lupus siXth Guest

    Re: ...

    Yes, thank you Ace for deleting my posts too. :/

    I cannot believe you take the KNIMOO posts serious! I think G's post was a good way to close this whole thread. Don't be so serious all the time Ace.

    G and Neo both made a mistake by using that cheat. So both Ai and ION did something wrong. Let's shake hands and forget this whole thread now. I don't want 2 of my favorite clans flaming each other.

    (I hope this post will pass your spam screening Ace. If not, I will probably be banned now on this forum)
  19. Cazman siXth

    Cazman siXth Guest

    Re: ...

    I loved those cows Ace. Now you've slaughtered them for spam&cheat. :(
  20. Hogo ION

    Hogo ION Guest

    Re: ...

    i know i was gonna moan Ace about you removing the humourous posts but on reading yours i realised you have replaced them with ones of your own ones even funnier :)
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