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Update on status

Discussion in 'Fraghub News' started by doh, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. doh

    doh hodlike

    Oct 21, 2001
    Well, i could keep going on about how close we are now.
    However lately some importent details have been completed. The mutator for a automatic server setup system and teampasswords, etc, is now working thanks to L0cky, as you might have read.
    The league site is also in an operational state, which means most of the stuff is there, with the exception of the admin area, although that does not have to be fully working before we can launch the site. Ok, i'll say it again, we're getting close now, but how close depends entirely on how many hours Rel@x has to work on the site. We're interested in getting this league up as fast as possible just as much as you are!

    We would like some (beta)testers to try out the league site before it goes final.
    If you're interested in helping out looking for bugs, and getting a preview of the site, please sign up for the forum usergroup here
    If accepted in the group, you will then gain access to a private forum for testing purposes and receive instructions on how to proceed.
    Ofcourse we'd appreciate if the people gaining access keep it private until it goes live.
    Thanks / The Fraghub.net Team ;)