Question to Ace (about admin)

Discussion in 'General No Spam' started by System Malfunction, Jun 17, 2001.

  1. I remember you posted your user.ini/guides about administration of server in a while. Cant find it - could you please post link?

    Greatly thanks in advance.
  2. ION Ace

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    Re: Question to Ace (about admin)

    Also I submitted a binds guide to utassault, which will prolly be up soon. And I done a thing where u just select gametype, # of players etc and it makes a .txt file in ur system dir of ut. I may update it in an hour or so if I can be bothered. Anyway read below for commands and maybe try and get hold of darkheart for some more help.

    So what u do is copy all the commands into a .txt document and save it in ur desktop,
    leave it open while playing, then when u need a command, press f12 or alt-enter then copy
    it, go back to ut, press tilde, paste it and restart the level
    Or make .txt files with all the commands u want in seperate lines and place them in ur system dir and type in console exec admin.txt or bind exec admin.txt

    also bind adminlogin <password> and adminlogout

    and maybe change f12 to endfullscreen | say setting up server

    adminlogin <adminpassword>

    admin servertravel <mapname>
    admin switchlevel <mapname>

    The following will change gametype

    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?game=Botpack.CTFGame
    admin servertravel DM-Turbine.unr?game=Botpack.DeathMatchPlus
    admin servertravel DM-Turbine.unr?game=Botpack.TeamGamePlus
    admin servertravel AS-Overlord.unr?game=Botpack.Assault
    admin servertravel DOM-Sesmar?game=Botpack.Domination

    These will TOGGLE the mutaters on and off.
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.noredeemer
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.nopowerups
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.instagibDM
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.ChainsawMelee
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.FatBoy
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.FlakArena
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.InstantRockets
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.JumpMatch
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.LowGrav
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.PulseArena
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.RelicDefense
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.RelicRedemption
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.RelicRegen
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.RelicSpeed
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.RelicStrength
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.RelicDeath
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.RocketArena
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.ShockArena
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.SniperArena
    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?mutator=botpack.Stealth

    to do multiple changes just add question marks afterwoulds like this

    admin servertravel CTF-Face.unr?game=Botpack.CTFGame?mutator=noredeemer?mutator=nopowerups?mutator=LowGrav

    admin set engine.gameinfo maxplayers <#>
    admin set engine.gameinfo maxspectators <#>
    admin set engine.gameinfo gamepassword <password>
    admin set engine.gameinfo bNoCheating <true|false>
    admin set engine.gameinfo bMuteSpectators <true|false>
    admin set engine.gameinfo bAllowFOV <true|false>
    admin set engine.gameinfo AdminPassword
    admin set engine.gameinfo bNoMonsters <true|false>

    admin set botpack.CTFGame btournament <true|false>
    admin set botpack.CTFGame bplayersbalanceteams <true|false>

    admin set engine.gameinfo gamepassword <password>

    admin set Botpack.CTFGame bUseTranslocator <true|false>
    admin set Botpack.CTFGame GoalTeamScore <#>
    admin set Botpack.CTFGame FriendlyFireScale <#>
    admin set Botpack.CTFGame MaxTeamSize <#>
    admin set Botpack.CTFGame TimeLimit <#>
    admin set Botpack.CTFGame bNoMonsters <#>
    admin set Botpack.CTFGame bForceRespawn <true|false>
    admin set Botpack.CTFGame bMultiWeaponStay <true|false>

    admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo ServerName <new name>
    admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo ShortName <new name>
    admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo AdminName
    admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo AdminEmail
    admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MOTDLine1
    admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MOTDLine2
    admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MOTDLine3
    admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MOTDLine4
    admin set Assault Netwait 55

    to turn the pass off type admin set engine.gameinfo gamepassword

    use get instead of set to c what values are set to.
    for example admin get engine.gameinfo maxplayers
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    Re: Question to Ace (about admin)

    Er Malf the server guide is posted on our forum ;)

  4. ...

    I know. But I've compilled both and feel that its more useful then each on separately.
  5. ION Ace

    ION Ace Guest

    Re: ...

    cool, I was gonna get round to that
    u should submit it to Phear for the site imho :)
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