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    Hi all. As many of you know, a group of us oldbies have been designing the structure for an exciting new league project, and have made some progress in getting the foundations in place.

    We are now looking to expand the development team in order to speed up progress, and are opening the doors for submissions to anyone who's interested.

    The positions below are not just limited to entries from UTA members; but any experience with league and ladder systems will of course be a bonus, so feel free to ask around, it will benefit everyone if we can find some budding monkeys to add progress to the project.

    If you're interested, please either PM me, or if you're brave enough, post your entry in [this thread] for all to review - if you've been involved in other online leagues or have been involved with web development in general, do let us know!

    Of course we're also open to suggestions on all fronts, so if you feel you can contribute, make yourself known!

    For anyone outside of the community wishing to get involved, but are unsure what we're about, feel free to come and chat to us in #fraghub on .

    Remember, + are non-profit online communities, so unfortunately we can't promise a fat wedge for anyone who joins, however free IRC fluffles and a good amount of kudos are available to anyone who joins the team.

    Positions we're currently recruiting for (January 2008):-


    We are looking for 1 or 2 PHP developers:
    - Active developers required.
    - Experience with creating interactive views, HTML markup for forms/templates is a must.
    - Experience with CakePHP framework is a bonus but not required.
    - Willing to learn different coding methodologies
    - Most important aspect - free time!


    We're looking for 1 or 2 people who have an eye for smart and functional website design:
    - A web graphics developer who has time to create gaming related themed templates, icon sets, banners etc..
    - A web developer, fluent in CSS. Experience with modern tools, like AJAX and JS Prototype is a bonus.
    - Optional - anyone with experience of Flash/Flex/ActionScript.

    Content Editors

    We're looking for users who will be able to populate our site with rich content:
    - Game/mod feature + article writers
    - Ladder conceptualists - Creation of game specific ladders including unique match gameplay ideas and rulesets
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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