League Match (-8-) vs. BO (17.07.2001)

Discussion in 'Match Results' started by HauserKaspar, Jul 18, 2001.

  1. HauserKaspar

    HauserKaspar Guest

    only four weeks after our last match we met BO again, this time with a full team :p while BO could find only 5 players for the match :/ .

    server 1 was down again, but after some time ACE was so kind to give us the ION server for that match, so we could take our revenge for the last match (when we could not get all players on the server). we did not have many technical probs, except BO|theProphet and me had to face 10 - 30% packetloss which seems to be a german problem on ION server.

    BO started very good considering their outnumbered situation and managad to get into lead 2 : 1 with a perfect launch in siege and beating us as usual in asthenosphere, but then we focussed to fight back and win the rest of the maps, some of them with even teams, when fire's connection temporarily went down.

    in the end we beat BO 8 : 2, thus getting many very important points which might secure our div2 existence :) .

    thx to BO for a good match and very special thanks to ION who borrowed us their server :) .

    ;) even tho BO were one man down we felt we needed help for bridge and recruited Maelstorm ION; we needed all the help we could get :p :

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