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    Yes, you did read it correctly! It definitely took us a while but here we are, Fraghub is currently open for signups and will open for scheduling very soon. We will start with two UT2004 leagues: Assault and Onslaught.

    To ensure each clan will have enough time to signup and get their members in their team roster, we have disabled match scheduling. Fraghub will open up this part of the site on the 15th of November, 2004.

    Fraghub? What's Fraghub?

    Fraghub is the name of the new League System that has been initiated by some of's "senior" members and organisers. We are not - but we are related. For those who don't know, it is a league that has existed since 1999 purely focused on UT'99 Assault. It was created because leagues back then did not meet up to the requirements for UT Assault and ever since, has been the main league for ut'99 Assault scene, which included 4 vs. 4 Pro Assault, 4 vs. 4 Instagib Assault and 6 vs. 6 Standard Assault.

    Ok, so I understand what Fraghub is, but why play in the Fraghub league?

    Fair enough, there are loads of leagues out there which focus on ut2004 - Clanbase for example is a huge league providing UT2004 ladders and cups. Why would you play in our league? Quite simply because instead of focusing on a huge amount of leagues for numerous games we currently only focus our attention on UT2004 Assault and Onslaught.
    This means that unlike other leagues we are able to provide an easy and organised match environment. Why go through all the hassle of trying to find clans to play, a server to play on and relying on other people to set your server up on time as well as making sure you play the correct maps? In Fraghub we've taken this into consideration and developed a fully automatic system! This means you can just schedule a match, pick a server, enter your maps and let your opponent do the same and when the time comes, your server will be ready without requiring any additional intervention!

    Our UT2004 side system features a delayed matchstart and a warm-up map, enabling you to get your team into the server and organised for the rest of the match. It will also make sure you can join the server with your own clan password as well as handling scoring, maplist management and ensuring players are placed on the correct team.

    Another feature that is not online at start-up is's nonagon system. Found it difficult to find opponents? Found that certain opponents try to avoid your clan? Fraghub agrees with people who find this unfair. For this reason, the so-called nonagon system decides who you play each month. No more hassle in searching opponents, your opponents are structurally picked and forced to play. More information on this system will come in the future. Fraghub can currently not support this, as it needs a minimum amount of clans participating to work. We may run both nonagon and conventional scheduling leagues in the future, depending on the demand.

    Fraghub also aims to provide dynamic gaming leagues and in this respect will continually monitor and modify maplists for leagues as necessary. Every second month a mapvote will be held where clan representatives can vote on what map(s) should be out and what map(s) should be in. To have a map become the subject of a mapvote, potentially suitable maps should be brought to the attention of a League Administrator. If the map is a final version and found to contain no bugs which could impact on servers or gameplay it will be added to the monthly vote unless clearly unsuitable for League play. If a map does not meet the voting requirement to enter the league in the month it was proposed, it can be proposed again at any future time. For a monthly map vote to be valid, it must be voted on by at least 75% of clan representatives. If this figure is met, maps are added/removed on the basis of a simple majority.

    Ok, so you've impressed me! How can I sign up?

    Very easy, go to and click signup. Get each and every player to sign up there own player account and get your clan leader to signup your clan and enrol your clan to the specified league(s).

    Uhm, I'm trying to sign up but I’m confused and don't know how to do this :S
    No problem, we've tried to make it as user friendly as possible but sometimes things might be a bit overwhelming. If you have any problems/ questions please contact one of our administrators whom are listed here or contact us on IRC:
    IRC Server: (part of the utassault irc network)
    IRC Channel: #fraghub

    Ok, i'm signed up. Where do i go?

    First of all, thanks for signing up! As it was mentioned earlier we are currently only open for signups and will open for matches later on, along with a more detailed explanation on how the fraghub system actually works. For now you should add yourself and your fellow clanmates to your clan. Mind you, you have to add yourself as well. When signing up as a clanleader you are in a managing role instead of a playing role. If you're actually playing as well you have to add urself to your clan.

    Nice, I read you will provide servers for us to play on and set them up?

    Yes, thanks to our sponsors providing us with ut2004 servers we can do this.
    Our sponsors are and

    If you want to thank them, I’m sure they won't mind if you'd rent a gameserver from them...

    Go to and signup now!

    Note: We're always glad to see people are spreading the word about fraghub. We thank you for this, but please don't go spamming entire forums/leagues who don't welcome this kind of advertising. Please realise we don't want bad advertising! We wouldn't like to see other leagues coming into fraghub forums and advertising there own league so please don't do it the other way around either. Thank you!
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