First Holy War Against SUYM

Discussion in 'Tales of The Holy Wars' started by Equalisatium, Dec 3, 2000.

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    If everything went well this should be our final battle in the third sphere all that was to stop us was the forces known as SUYM. We had allready had this match, but because of some disputes, we had agreed to give them a second chance, just to state that they were ours.

    And they were ours. We first had a training battle on Ballistic waiting for our brothers to appear, we had to let them through when we was ready because we became bored.

    Now it was time for some true battle, Overlord was our first challenge, we had to protect the Cannon from harm at first, and we did well holding it for over eight minutes. And then it was our turn to offend, did not take long putting it mildly. Our rightious cause was on its way to victory.

    Next area I remember was the one known as Rook. Again we had the honour of defending, they took us by storm untill the gates opened within half a minute if my mind do not delude me, but then the luck changed and they wasted minutes getting through the rest of our forces, we had merely played with them. They was shattered in our offence, and again we had a moral victory.

    The castle Mazon was next, and our defence held surprisingly easy, taking five minutes before we was stormed by them, do I have to say we also had an easy victory here. I could continue this speach forever about the easy victories as the Bridge just above one minute, a totally dominated trip to the bottomn of the OceanFloor, I will not.

    I though have to say in the memory of SUYM that they did best us on the Juggernaut of a Galleon known as Frigate. But a such failure will not repeat.

    When I look back at this battle I see a fight, but only barely. Though squashing a bug can be fun, especialy if it desperatly tries to get away as you remove first it wings, then one leg at a time, still giving it hope for nothing, ahh that is what best can explain the satisfaction we gained.

    SUYM you did well for a Third Sphere clan do not take me wrong, just saying you was not worthy of the wrath we at |BoD| Posseses.
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