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Discussion in 'Battlefield Series' started by brajan, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. Mushroomhead

    Mushroomhead I'm so sorry I made a mistake!!

    Feb 1, 2004
    Behind You
    So I can forget about buying this and go back to 2142? Just finished CoD MW2 for the first time so I'm bored now :D
  2. dErzOnk

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    Jan 28, 2005
    Berlin, Germany
    i'm just installing BF2142 and BFBC2 now, but i think i will go back to BF2142 finish my Ribbons and Badges.... its more fun to me... i might have a look into BFBC2 but if VoIP is still off or still Serverproblems i just give up interest in that game... FFS crap BFBC2, not worth the money!
  3. Spitter

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    Feb 25, 2006
    Why is VoIP so important ?? In times with Teamspeak 2/3 , Or the other shit .

    And Y , Play this evening 3 Hours and get 10 discs from 4 Servers .
    It already dont run good , Servers have Still Problems , The Serverbrowser is still shit :( .

    Why do i still play `? Cauz i payed for the Payed Beta and when its run and u play with some Friends it makes fun :(

    But my expectation is not high that the bugs will be fixed , its an EA game :) . Electronic Arts and Support are 2 Words that never stick together :)
  4. dErzOnk

    dErzOnk New Member

    Jan 28, 2005
    Berlin, Germany
    Cause you have the atvantage if you can comunicate with your squad member...

    TS2/3, muble etc. means you have to meet also at a Voiceserver...

    So if you go play a round of BF you don't really know what server you'll go to or what ppl you meet there...

    when you have a decent squad well - maybe they have same Voiceporgramm as you... then you need to agree to a Voicsserver, give IP or URL, password etc...

    Thanks to the crappy console you have some seconds to write it down... ah yeah hope theres no spelling mistake...

    Then is the point were you have to close or minimze BF to go Voiceprogramm... and connect...

    "If" BF fucks up at minimized or you close BF have fun to find server again and reconnect...

    Oh wait there are still connection problems...


    You see its fucking stupid - if you have a group of BF buddys well then you might be additional at TS... but not if you have a random squad of ppl you just met...

    In BF2142 i had Teamspeak running to talk to my buddies... so sometimes i was in a special squad on my own but was able to talk to my squadmembers that i didn't know... +You have this communication menue in BF2142... don't let me speak about how to spot some sniper in BFBC2...

    I just played BF2142 today 3 rounds titan ;) and i was able to tell my squad what to do and also flamed the fucking commender... (as he was doing CC)

    It was no total caos like in BFBC2 and even or more fun...

    really i'm very disapointed in BFBC2 maybe BF2142 was soooooooooooo great... no wait - its still fucking buggy and graphic is worse... (But hey UT players shout not rate a game by graphic and buggy - well BFBC2 is buggy┬│)
  5. Tnega

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    Jul 15, 2001
    Fae Fife.
    I just played the single player game, on pc.
    Tbh, its not good.
    Buggy as hell, Had loads of work to do just to get more than 10 mins of offline play.
    So how is it going to play online?
    Now I understant that the single player game is only there to introduce the player to the weapons and basic game structure, but I did not enjoy it much.
    It looks so much like they made it for Console then ported it badly to PC.
    It looks like I wont be rushing out any time soon to actually 'buy' the game for online play.
    I had an 'evaluation' (read beta) copy to test play.

    I take it that there are no cross servers (PC and Xblox) online and that this will never happen?

    Don't really want to knock ANY game but this to me seems like a backward step for PC gaming.

    Flame on.
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