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Discussion in 'Prophecies of -BoD-' started by Teknodeamon, Oct 31, 2000.

  1. Teknodeamon

    Teknodeamon Guest

    Good Luck Fieldy ol m8


    U will always be my freind never be afraid to talk to me im always there for ya m8 :)
  2. Anjutka

    Anjutka Guest

    Dunno why, but I have little doubts about it.
  3. Demon3

    Demon3 Guest

    Is that really needed Jul?

    Is such a reply needed Julia?

    Dem:smokin: n
  4. Equalisatium

    Equalisatium Guest

    How dare you Demon

    Tell a sister how she is to speak at her own house. Now if you wish to comment on rudeness please make yourself a good example instead of a bad, else I doubt you will be heard.
  5. Re: How dare you Demon

    One does not want unhappy thoughts here ;)
  6. Teknodeamon

    Teknodeamon Guest


    Thnx Julia
    u never ceace to amaze me with yer smarmy comments
    well done
    must of taken u time to think that up
    LOVE U 2 =]

  7. Equalisatium

    Equalisatium Guest

    Ok I ask again

    This time even more quitly (this is a warning sign for those not aware).

    Stop slagging or I will try the new function of close thread. Now share your Karma and let the Peace Flow.
  8. Re: Ok I ask again

    *fade in* ....Instant karma's gonna get you .... *fade out*
  9. Anjutka

    Anjutka Guest

    Re: Ok I ask again

    Just as an example - I played in your team TD, did evrything well. Shared knowledge. And what have I got? You accuse me in backstubbing, and I doubt that someone everlistened to me.

    And how about calling MM m8, and then kicking him out? Calm down, be serious, and try to understand what I am talking about, as you understand it as offence, and I trying to help with advice. With good advice, I appreciate if someone would give for myself.
  10. Lars Dragon

    Lars Dragon Guest

    Wat is your Malfunction Demon

    Dunno why, but I have little doubts about it.... Postet by Julia

    Dont you understand English... Demon ???

    Clearly she says that there are no need to doubt a friendship just because your are not in the same Clan
    Whats wrong with that ????
  11. Teknodeamon

    Teknodeamon Guest


    I dont doubt any freindships
    but there was no need in her saying what she said. I always listened to every 1 Julia so u cannot say that. And i kicked Mega by accident but why bring that up ??
    that is what worries me there was no need in brining that up
    Oh well, u can think what u think ,i know what i know

  12. Anjutka

    Anjutka Guest

    Re: hmm

    "kicked MM by accident"... "WS SPIICIN WES SUC AWUL SPELIN AN CAPLOC" (I hate it!!), suffered from constant UTSRATM... Just little bit more then enough.
    As for telling about you know what I think - I think that leader of Mi6 must be Demon(Scorpion), then it will make some sence... but not before. You asked - I ansered. And btw - I speak what I want, and where I want. After You accused me of "backstubbing", I do not have anything to worry about. YOu name it - you got it.
    And please - do not try to make me even more mad, then I am now. You do not like me? Do not talk with me then, and I will not talk about you.
    If you want me to talk about you, then prepare to listen to truth, and do not moan about my offencive speech.
  13. Equalisatium

    Equalisatium Guest

    For those not into abreventions created by Eq

    UTSRATM = Urge To Shoot Rockets At Team Mates.

    And for this thread, I am considering locking it, as it seems to lead nowhere but unreast, next message I in any way can consider bitching, will make me close it.

    If you Julia and Tekno have a problem, please solve it over ICQ or something else, or just rip your heads of else where.

    You ist disturbing da Karma man.
  14. Re: For those not into abreventions created by Eq

    <breaks out peace pipe> look its filled with good stuff yeah :eek: .
  15. Lars Dragon

    Lars Dragon Guest

    Re: For those not into abreventions created by Eq

    Roget that LoL
  16. Teknodeamon

    Teknodeamon Guest

    np EQ

    Not a prob with me EQ im not the one who will end the conversation with bad vibes, i am a good boy :lol

    Tek :evil

    the whole point in this topic was to say good luck to Fieldy as he is a good m8 of mine and has been invaluable to Mi6 u got a very good player =]

  17. Re: np EQ

    I'm sure we have ;)
  18. Fieldy5

    Fieldy5 Guest

    Re: np EQ

    thank u m8 :)
  19. ION Ace

    ION Ace Guest

    Re: np EQ

    long time no c Fieldy :)
  20. Fieldy5

    Fieldy5 Guest

    Re: np EQ

    hey Ace!
    glad to see you still remember me :)
    yup, long time no see, last time must have been when we were in Mi6, lol that was ages ago...
    btw thx, if i m here today it s because i had a good teacher ;)