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Discussion in 'Prophecies of -BoD-' started by oOo BLUB oOo, May 24, 2001.

  1. oOo BLUB oOo

    oOo BLUB oOo Guest

    Happened to the utassault.net homepage???? Gone?

    edit: hmmm, seems that they are back on www.utassault.net..
  2. A j a x2000

    A j a x2000 Guest

    does this mean we can spam this topic now then ?
  3. Inferno 2

    Inferno 2 Guest

  4. UT Mystique

    UT Mystique Guest

    well best spam i seen in a long time:lol:
  5. Cazman siXth

    Cazman siXth Guest

    I'm on it
  6. Inferno 2

    Inferno 2 Guest

    no, ur not