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    Jun 27, 2001
    Opinions guys?

    without perks attachments etc, what are you fav weapon and why?
    interested in some output on this subject.

    mine are:

    1- ak74 great weapon for my game style nice aim i can see very well from it, loads of damage some high recoil, although the damage and mobility compensate it, plus the hip fire rocks.

    ak47 same stats and the 74, although is has more range but less accurate till now haven't seen any decent reason to swap it for my ak74.

    2-m16 kicks ass for a slow play game style amazing range, loads of damage and its Mobil enough to run arround with.

    I used to be a sniper in cod 4 and in MW1, although in BO dunno why i just cannot manage to do so well really weird ... i guess i have to play more with it ? anyway in snipe maps i just use the m16 and it works as good as a sniper for me :)

    3rd SPAS
    Close maps i just kick ass with this weapon simple as it is very well build in terms of what a shotgun should be it kills with a shell, when it doesn't kill it cause enough splash to the enemy to make him confused making is job to hit me harder much harder.
    Semi auto, means loads of fire action, in close quarters it's the shit!

    just try it out in pubs with this combo lightweight + hip fire + ninja + suppressor ouch ...
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