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    It's come to our attention that certain people are trying to dodge their shockingly abysmal UT Stats history by taking advantage of the Auth system not working properly since 2015 :P

    So - I've rectified this situation and refreshed the UTA Auth system to (kinda) work with the new forums.

    tl;dr; Auth will be live today only, then again from 1st June 2020. If you're new to auth, or have forgotten your password, navigate to UTA Auth Config above.

    NEW PLAYERS: Register to the forums here. Then set a password here.

    Process is a little different now: Due to these forums using server side b-crypt to secure your passwords, we're unable to correctly match up the md5 hashes sent from your UT client - in laymans laypersons terms (yes, it's 2020), we're unable to authenticate you with your forum credential.

    So, next best thing, you now have the ability to set a separate in-game password using the "UTA Auth Config" tab at the top of the forums.

    You can set this to be the same as, or different to your forum password - the choice is yours. The only difference is that it's not using b-crypt, but instead using md5 hashing and salting.

    Now, when you see the Auth prompt, you simply enter your forum username and the in-game password set in UTA Auth Config.

    IMPORTANT: Because I like to make things easy for you slackers, I've imported all the old auth config from 5 years ago, so MOST of you should have an auth credential you can utilise (if you can remember that far back); if you've forgotten it - simply go to the tab above and set a new one.

    Auth system will be live today on the pug server for validation, then it'll be put into "grace mode" until 1st June 2020 while people get their s#!t together and ensure they've got a working forum account and auth credential.

    I'll be updating the FAQ later today.

    Enjoy not being able to dodge your UT Stats history! :D
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    didn´t check them in the old times, but it´s kind a funny
    thx m8 :D
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