Tales of Inferno

Discussion in 'Tales of initiates' started by Equalisatium, Nov 8, 2000.

  1. Equalisatium

    Equalisatium Guest

    Name: Inferno
    Position: Brother
    Time of initiation: Part of initial recruitment
    Reason for joining: To be on the winning side

    I began my clan existence in DS soon to be known as AFD, at that time I was known as Moldy_Potato, but due to lack of pest control the clan soon filled and died. I then found ATF, which was made up of a few survivors from AFD. Unfortunately, faith would not give ATF glory, for it also disbanded after a very short life span. Next target of my attention was ION in this home I let myself be known as FireRain but I realized that FireRain did not suit me and my name changed to Chaos. But ION was not my true home so I left. To forget who I was I gave myself the name of Inferno, I wandered for a long time not even participating in dungeon raids, but I grew bored, I decided to join BoD, and found it to my liking, and as of now they have my oath of allegiance.
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