Tales of Equalisatium

Discussion in 'Tales of initiates' started by Equalisatium, Nov 5, 2000.

  1. Equalisatium

    Equalisatium Guest

    Name: Equalisatium
    Position: Hibernating
    Time of Initiation: Allways
    Reason for Joining: Creator of Clan

    Tales: My history are indeed grim, I have been traveling long time before gaining the enlightment I have needed to create this brotherhood. I have joined and left many other clans. Those I have given my time were at start AotD, then a fraction of it myself included created MAD, then a long trip to ION, where I thought I had found my home, untill the peace were ripped apart, I fled and hid myself as Endbringer, while I were part of DWAP, but the restriction there lead me to leave, a plan had formed, I wanted to be my own master now, and I created |BoD| for those who wished to join me in my cause of Destruction.
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