Tales of BLUB

Discussion in 'Tales of initiates' started by SecondToNone, May 7, 2001.

  1. SecondToNone

    SecondToNone Guest

    Name: BLUB
    Position: Liquid
    Time of initiation: May 2001
    Reason for Joining: Seeking true faith to regain human shape

    After a long series of tough wars, the former human that BLUB once was lost both mental and physical size and shape. He simply became BLUB - a pool of wet something lying around in a bucket all day long. After a while the scattered mind of BLUB started working again and he found that through meditation, he could for shorter periods of time regain his former physical shape. And he found that meditation in BoD Temples made it easier for him to remain in human shape for at longer time so he decided to join the brotherhood with the hope of someday rematerializing in the form he was originally born. His mind, however, is not working too well and the loss of his memory seems to be permanent.
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