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Schedules Open!

Discussion in 'Fraghub News' started by gringo, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. gringo

    gringo Dope

    Feb 11, 2002
    As promised, Fraghub.net is now open for scheduling :)

    Clanleaders will now be able to access more options in their clan profile relating to challenge and schedule management.

    The first date that is available for your clans to play a match is Monday 22nd November. This is meant to help you and us....;) Firstly, the majority of clans in the league still dont have the required number of players to participate in their league - this is your last chance to get your members signed up and enrolled! Secondly, we are still unfortunately waiting on our second leagueserver provided by gameservers.net and are reluctant to start without this in place and tested with the fraghub mutator.

    As a result, atm leagueserver 2 is disabled for bookings but you can still schedule your matches for Gothica Leagueserver 1 or a clanserver. The mutator will be made available to clanservers at some stage this week when we have a second Leagueserver set up, tested and open to scheduling :)

    So, without further delay, sign up and finalise your squads and start scheduling matches!
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