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October Tables

Discussion in 'League News' started by Meteor, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. Meteor

    Meteor <b>League A</b><b>dministrator</b>

    Feb 2, 2002
    Games that are score wise not submitted from one team, (Responsible: Clan Leader, Squad Leader, Squad Match Arranger) are taken for granted as not played.

    League Tables / Monthly Changes:

    Standard Assault - Champs: -ud-
    Division #1
    Non-Movers: -ud-, ~dzz~, ~PGS~, TNT, [NAC]
    Relegated: =]DoG[= (inactivity)

    Removal: d1ng, [X] (forced, all inactivity)

    two-V-two Assault - Champs: None
    Division #1
    Relegated: }Ni{, -]FiRE[-, ~dzz~ (inactivity)

    Removal: -LoL-, =]DoG[=, =]TRD[=, Comeback (forced, all inactivity)

    Insta Assault, Pro Assault - Champs: None
    Division #hz

    The Leagues are clanless.