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New PUG Rules 2013 and Onwards

Discussion in 'irc.utassault.net - #utapug (PUG:AS)' started by Dj_AL, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. Dj_AL

    Dj_AL -)EaS*

    Nov 3, 2002
    Lund (Sweden)
    Regarding New Rules:
    As of 2009, these are the only rules within #utapug and everything connected to it:

    Since the appointment of Wez and myself as Admin we have tried to come up with a system/new rules that apply to smaller offenses since our community has shrunk a sizable amount since 2009. As a result of this, 2 hour bans and yellow/red card punishment have been put in play.

    When you receive a yellow card, you will not be banned, but you are basically on trial untill the yellow card has expired. The expiration date of any yellow card is exactly 1 week after you received it.

    If you receive another yellow card while you already have one, or an immediate red card, you will be banned for 24hours.

    Any circumvention of this ban will result in an instant week ban.

    After you return from your 24hour ban, you will be put on trial for the next 3 days. Any offense commited during this trial period will result in an 48hour ban.

    If you were to get banned for a week, you will be put on trial also, but this time it will last one week. Any offense commited during this period will result in a new week ban.

    Regarding TS3:
    Spectators are allowed to join a team's channel if they feel like doing so. But if any player in that team requests for you to leave the channel, you have to do so. No discussion.

    It does not matter if your microphone is muted or if you are only listening. If you're asked to leave, please do so.

    Regarding Admins:
    Personal and ongoing attacks to admins in pugchannel, pugserver or forums without justification will not be accepted. Instant yellow.

    These are the rules as of today. The old rules DO NOT disappear.

    DJ & Wez
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.