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need some help please!

Discussion in 'General No Spam' started by MPB, Jul 14, 2001.

  1. MPB

    MPB Guest

    Hey, 4 some reson everytime i ping servers 2 start a multiplayer game ut crashes saying general protection fault,
    yet i can still enter an ip 2 play if 1 of my -=[M2O]=- m8's gives me 1, have already reinstalled game + done other stuff but no joy, please help i need 2 be able 2 pick servers on my own so i can find an empty server 2 practice + kick your ass lol

    thx guys MPB
  2. seeker eVe

    seeker eVe Guest

  3. MPB

    MPB Guest

    Re: bla

    Thx man 4 the help,
    your clan assault then?
  4. Lupus siXth

    Lupus siXth Guest

    Re: bla

    Seeker is in ((si><th)). But he is still very proud of the clan he liked to start! :)