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League Match (-8-) vs. [X] (16.07.2001)

Discussion in 'Match Results' started by HauserKaspar, Jul 18, 2001.

  1. HauserKaspar

    HauserKaspar Guest

    LOST AGAINST [X] 1-8 :: 16 July 2001 Meet Your Maker

    After some server problems ie no server1!!! [X] found another server to play on, we had a late start to the match and were already 1 down before most of the team joined. [X] played well and were more organised than us, having 6 players the whole match always helps :p
    Big thanks to Sneezer and Ugly for playing at the last minute. Next time we wont be so easily beaten.

    Thanks for gg [X]

    (thx to MyM for the match report :) )