League Match (-8-) vs. [Mi6] (24/06/2001)

Discussion in 'Match Results' started by HauserKaspar, Jun 24, 2001.

  1. HauserKaspar

    HauserKaspar Guest

    tonight we played only default maps and won 8 : 5 without ties, means
    we won guardia twice :lol: .

    unfortunately Mi6 had heavy 'organizational confusion' they did not manage to get to the server in time so we were already 2 : 0 leading when they got some players online. seems they 'forgot' their clan passy... (well some of them might never have heard it before :( ).

    they still needed some time to find ppl willing to play so we already had a 6 : 0 advance before they finally got 6 players on the server. then they started to fight back and succeeded in coming to a very close 7 : 5 before we finally defended overlord for the whole time and conquered it in less than 4 minutes :D , thus completing our victory.

    we know so many screenies with mym sniping overlord's beach clear, so i chose today's 1st. win :p


    ok mym,
    i admit, u deserve it :) :


    [edit] just wanted to add, atm i know the names of 3 ppl who were mi6 mercs in this match, but i bet there was 1 maybe 2 more :( [/edit]
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