League Match (-8-) vs. -=MI5=- (9.10.2001)

Discussion in 'Match Results' started by HauserKaspar, Oct 10, 2001.

  1. HauserKaspar

    HauserKaspar Guest

    yesterday we lost our second div1 match with -=MI5=- 8 : 2 (-8-)
    to be honest we did not expect very much from our match vs. -=MI5=- except to gather some experience. it became even worse, when 1 of our players did not show up as scheduled and after brain and mega got problems with their connections/pcs and the replacements came in for the backups some of us - ermm, well, that means especially me :lol: - did not know their roles at all.
    considering these circumstances it was a very good match and we perfomed better than i would ever have expected. we even manged to win 2 maps, riverbed]I[AL and frigate.
    the match was friendly and fair, -=MI5=- was very strong and won some maps really too easy, we 'll have to improve this. especially overlord and siege went down extremely fast :( .

    but here's the proof, we won 2 maps :) :

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