League Match (-8-) vs. {EoS} (13/08/2001)

Discussion in 'Match Results' started by HauserKaspar, Aug 14, 2001.

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    Monday evening we had another match vs. {EoS} who failed to get promoted to div1 through playoffs. After the last great match in June a good Game was to be expected, but to be honest, i did NOT expect to beat them...

    But that we did. The team did a great work and after the first map which {EoS} won we fought back and managed to get a comfortable lead very soon. For some reason {EoS} was suddenly 1 man down which gave us the opportunity for a full time def in overlord and a massive demoralization of our opponents ;) .

    Some of the maps were very close, but some like overlord (twice) or especially siege were very clear, not to say dominated by us. (today i chose two screenies, one example each...)

    In the end we beat {EoS} with the final score (-8-) 8 : 3 {EoS}, thus giving us some comfortable points in front of our 'relegation competition'.

    Now 2 screenies, highspeed extremely close (look at the remaining time :lol: ) and siege very clear (when the attack came to us, we took it in about 1:35)

    [c] [​IMG][/c]

    [c] [​IMG][/c]
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