League Match (-8-) vs. AAK (23.09.2001)

Discussion in 'Match Results' started by HauserKaspar, Sep 24, 2001.

  1. HauserKaspar

    HauserKaspar Guest

    seems we won that 1... feel free to send me screenies and/or match report

    MyM edit: cant we give someone else this job when Kasp doesnt play :p and sorry no screenies :(

    We had agreed to play 7 maps on server1 and 7 on AAK's server as they had ping problems to UK servers, however come match time server1 wasnt ready and we had to play the whole match on their server. They had probs getting league mod and cshp on their server so start was delayed 40 mins which gave us time to get a full team online :) Server was unfortunately laggy with PL for most people, quite a few ppl dropped out briefly but on the whole the match was very close and good fun. AAK managed to set the map cycle wrong and included Riverbed]l[ instead of the AL version, when that map cycled only half of each team were left and it took us a while to realise why we were men down :lol: They attacked in non AL and we attacked in AL version so it was decided that rather than play the map again we would call it a draw and continue the match.
    It was a fun game and I look forward to playing them again.

    This win takes us to the top of division 2 and everything is looking good for promotion to Division 1 next month
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