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    New to IRC and want to register your clans channel? You can do it yourself, and here is how:

    1. Join the channel you want to be your IRC home. For example: /join #myclan
    2. When you join the new channel, you should be in there on your own, and you should be an operator (@ next to your name). If not, someone else has already registered this channel - and you can't!
    3. Have you registered your nickname already? Good, because you need to have done this before you can register your channel to a nickname.
    4. Message ChanServ and register the channel. This is done by typing the comamnd:

      /cs register
      #myclan sEcReTpAsS The home of MyClan chat!

      • pink = chanserv command, started with /cs
      • orange = your channel name
      • Yellow = a password to secure the channel
      • Green = a description for other people to see about your channel
    5. ChanServ should send you a notice back saying that the channel has been registered, or you made a mistake. You can get more help on ChanServ by typing: /cs help and /cs help register
    If you continue to have problems, please /join #staff and speak to an operator.
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    Thanks a lot :)
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