First Sparring with Mi5

Discussion in 'Tales of The Holy Wars' started by Equalisatium, Nov 25, 2000.

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    Mi5 the current leader of the first Sphere challenged our little clan to a friendly match in skills, we were surprised that we were pray for them, but soon found the reason, no other was willing to take the challenge. Proving we are not afraid we decided that we perhaps if nothing else could learn something from a war.

    Now we did not expect much if anything, and was giving nothing. But it did not prevent us from not show the skills we do have, at several points we did great, but the final blow was never delivered and Mi5 could exit the war without a scratch, more then we could say, we were beaten heavily, hopefully we are able to recover to the real war we have next.

    As for the war itself not much to be said, but we arrived, we tried and we failed. Still a long way to travel for us to gain to the top of first sphere, though we did well at the start while our bodies was not totally wrecked by the clash. Keeping Mi5 for a full 6 minutes on Bridge was not an easy task, outfoxing them on Mazon taking only a little more then a minute was either, and finaly completing the perils of the battlefield known as Overlord.

    But when that is said they bested us in their offence, we were left with nothing but hopes that was clashed, our dignity would have been removed had we expected more then nothing as it was what we were left after the battle.

    But believe me when I say we will rebounce, our flaws will be patched, and we shall unite again to battle for glory on the field, do not stand against us, we were broken, beaten but our MORAL was not taken, We will return victourious in the future when we have recovered.

    The |BoD| shall live forever and onwards.
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