First Holy War Against UT-Lords

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    We had set our goal for reaching second sphere in the world we fight to control. The only opposition were the troops of UT-Lords, we were ready for this battle, we knew it in our souls, soon the battlefield were entered.

    First a quick test to get our bloodlust ready in the Dungeon Asthenosphere. We gained the exiting craft just before the end, while in defense we failed after a long and hard battle. We were now ready for the real battles that were to be fought.

    Rook were the first Dungeon that had been chosen. We were eager, ready to not let them even reach the gate to the yard, we were bested, they soon gained library access, a hasty retreat, but soon we were forced out of the halls again, they had us on the run, but surely the yard took enough time for us to position ourselves outside, but again we were put on the run as they opened the gates. A poor attempt to stop the rush, and they had reached the end in a little over 1 minute. Our offence had to be swift we knew it, but some extra layers of goo on the door to the yard kept us from reaching this simple goal.

    Next field were Overlord, we used a scheme they had not expected, and had not prepared themselves for our storm, and after a mere 48 seconds the tower were ours. This offence had put fear into their hearts we knew it were a matter of time before they were converted, and truly we were not mistaken, their puny attempts to reach the end were feeble and totally wrecked by our forces. What sweet taste of victory we felt.

    Then a cruise were next, better known as Frigate. We were to defend this galleon against those who wished to take it for a spin. We failed, no excuse there, I rather not comment this. It were a grim onslaught, and a poor attempt to equal this.

    We were half in shock by now, this could not be true, HiSpeed were the next challenge, and after a good offence just bellow the two minute mark, all we had to do were defend, and due to Brother Dragons fire in the car 3 the Lords were kept back. Once again the Holy War were open for both sides.

    Now the bad luck started hitting us bad, we are certain the UT-Lords had acquired a powerful sorcerer to curse us, as the following battles were lost with what were seconds. First a trip to the OceanFloor where they destroyed our home a mere 3 seconds faster then we had destroyed theirs, a trip to the Castle Mazon, again they barely kept us back, now Bridge were the target, and they destroyed it, again seconds faster then we had been able to.

    Now a period of licking the wounds, both Guardia and Asthenosphere were held the full time. They were leading with five won battles against our two, and two without a true winner, we had to stop them from achieving another two victories, this were serious now.

    Rook were brought up again, and the curse were kept on us, with 2 seconds to go they brought the map to an end, we could not afford loses anymore. Doom were in the air. But Overlord and Mazon helped us back in the War. Two more battles to wage, could we keep these, and we would at least be tied.

    HiSpeed were brought up once again, we thought we secured ourselves plenty of time, holding the lords back for a full 3 minutes, and as our force boar toward them the switch were thrown with a whole minute to go, but it seemed the curse that were placed made the cannons hit harder and more precise, placed the Lords in positions we did not wish, they held us back, we had suffered defeat.

    But Vengence will be ours, in the next battle. Let the wrath of |BoD| hit any who do not believe this, we shall return to glory forever once our wounds are healed.
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