First Holy War Against FJS

Discussion in 'Tales of The Holy Wars' started by Equalisatium, Nov 19, 2000.

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    This time we meet another socalled clan in our battle for acknowledgement. Known as FJS. The contestants of the war meet up, we were in superior numbers, and since we did not feel that slaughtering them when outnumbered were a good thing, we decided to give them time to let more get ready before the true war started. We had a few fights to make the time pass, which we the Brotherhood were victorius. Now the time for the real test were ahead of us.

    FJS got the agreed numbers for this war, and we started out with the undersea world of OceanFloor. We were bested barely, but keep the spirit high. And with good reason, we were simply impossible to touch taking out Mazon and Bridge untill we reached the dreaded Dungeon of Pain Guardia, where few survive, and we did neither. But at least we prevented FJS from living as well. Now to prevent the FJS from even thinking they could return into the match, we made sure that they were left defenceless on Ballistic, HiSpeed as well as some Chinese Temple with a strange name. We were in the lead, Frigate was the next task, and in a fair time we gained acces and took the Ship for a Cruice, but when we were to prevent them from taking the ship, well we failed barely, but our spirits rose as the Tortures of Overlord were next, and torture it were, we could not break their spirit for holding us back, and we were left bruised. As a punishment I ordered us the Brotherhood, to make them suffer as well, and they feelt suffering as never seen before. The second tie was assured. We had 6 victories, they had 2, the next Dungeon could prove the end of FJS dreams of besting us. Mazon were the challenge, and we took it with easy, not even spending a minute at it, as for our defence, Brother TexasTom failed drasticly, and let them take one Chain else our defence was left without even a scratch.

    Now with our first true victory, we the Brotherhood are heading for the 2nd circle to harder challenges it seems. Unless some puny clan should stop our dreams, unlikely but, well lets just call it unlikely it should happend.
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