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Discussion in 'Fraghub News' started by doh, Jun 23, 2004.

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    Oct 21, 2001
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    Quote from Rel@x:
    First of all... Apoligies from myself, i shouldn't have kept you all waiting this long. I personally(nor any1 else) didnt expect this league to take this long. We've all spent as much time in this as possible, however this was not enough to finish it as quickly as we wanted it to be.

    Second of all. The league is NOT inactive/dead. It isnt nor has it been since we announced it. It just has been going slower then we expected.

    Where we stand now is that the league site is mainly finished when it comes to logical issues:

    * challenging
    * scheduling
    * match submitting
    * server reservations
    * clan signup
    * player signup
    * member management
    * league standings
    * match history
    * etc.

    What still needs to be done is:

    * a small graphics "update". (/me pokes Rich)
    * The automatic server reservation system. (L0cky is working on the unreal code and i'm working on the client application. Like mentioned above the server reservation is already done on the league site)
    * testing (mainly to see if security is well in order )
    * Rulings. We've had a rough idea what we wanted, now it's up to you. Within now and a few (max 2 i hope) days you will see several polls for you to decide on. Those polls will mainly give you the possibility to choose the exact ruling, which will ofcourse fit into the league system we've now created.

    We are currently also looking for a few volounteers who are willing to spend time adminning this league. Please contact me if you are willing to be an admin in the new ut2k4 league.
    If you're interested please contact me using irc(Relax - #sixth, #utassault,etc, icq(96760210), forum pm or email( ofcourse remove NOSPAM)

    Right now.. it's bedtime for me. I'm tired and got to work tomorrow. I hope you can wait just a little while longer so we can get this going!

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  2. Rich

    Rich Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted

    Jun 7, 2001
    yeah im aware of what you need .. my net com at home is down at the min .. swaping it over to a diffent line

    im also a bit snowed under atm studying for my Apple certifide technician course .. but i did a bit on sunday and ill finish what you asked for by the weekend hopfully
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