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Discussion in '=)Ai(= Public' started by MichelleTinaMaria, Dec 2, 2000.

  1. RE:

    No i am just good
  2. Si Ballardio

    Si Ballardio Guest

    Yes Master...

    I'm not worthy Mr Mogul.


    Si :smokin:
  3. RE:

    Ok glad we got that cleared where is Tim?
  4. Si Ballardio

    Si Ballardio Guest

    I don't know

    I don't know where he is, maybe drinking in some pub in Sheffield.

    Si :smokin:
  5. RE:

    He can be excused then
  6. Si Ballardio

    Si Ballardio Guest

    Whoa, I've achieved Novicism

    I'm no longer a [​IMG] but instead a <h2>Novice</h2>[​IMG]

    May this day be remebered...

    heeheehee :)

    Si :smokin:
  7. MiSerY ION

    MiSerY ION Guest

    Re: RE:

    :lol: :lol:

    si u gone mad again?

    yeah tim is at da pub
  8. RE:

    Novice??? PAH


    This is my forum go away
  9. Si Ballardio

    Si Ballardio Guest

    Gazzy, what do you mean "gone mad" ...

    What do you mean " gone mad" ?



    <h4>Hahaha</h4> <h3>Hahaha</h3> <h2> HAHAHA</h2>


    Si [​IMG]
  10. RE:

    i.e. gone bonkers
  11. RE:

    one defines mad as the act of loosings ones mind in such a way as to render that person none functional in a rational society
  12. RE:

    or gone bonkers
  13. Si Ballardio

    Si Ballardio Guest


    Yup, I've been round the bend for some time now [​IMG]


    Si [​IMG]
  14. RE:

    that bend near the M6?
  15. Si Ballardio

    Si Ballardio Guest


    LOL, yeah, I think so, it's on the way to East Didsbury in Altringham


    Si [​IMG]
  16. RE:

    thats the m5 then
  17. Si Ballardio

    Si Ballardio Guest


    No, I'm sure it's the M6...


    ... Or is it the M62?


    Si [​IMG]
  18. RE:

    Isnt that the M66 now?
  19. RE:

    or is that the M60?
  20. Stiffler  Ai

    Stiffler Ai Guest

    Re: RE:

    Who changed Moggies Name ????


    And who banned him ?