'99 Assault 20 Years Of Unreal Tournament

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  1. endgegner

    endgegner The Saviour of UTA. Worship me as DJ worships sofa

    Mar 5, 2006
    Well heck, we've done it! It's been 20 years since UT99 was first released on November 30th, 1999, becoming the Game of the Year and the game of many of our lifetimes.

    UTA was founded in 2000 and enjoyed a very healthy lifecycle. Weekly Pick-Up Games (PUGs) have been kept alive thanks to dedicated players, and although we're a long ways away from 90 different active clans, we've mustered up over 100 players over the past weeks to celebrate the anniversary of our beloved game.
    Over the last 20 years many players have come and gone, but for some point in time UTAssault was important to them. Let's take a moment to appreciate everything this community has been and everyone who's been a part of it. Special thanks to the admins and hosts of UTA, the players who never quit, and all the oldies who keep coming back. Long live Unreal Tournament.

    This weekend we've got several clan wars taking place which will be recorded and streamed, oldschool players in public servers, and hopefully a few PUGs happening.

    All the action takes place over on the UTAssault Discord: https://discord.gg/P7YcRG8

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  2. Samy

    Samy RuSh

    Nov 9, 2001
    I'm surprised this is on going
  3. endgegner

    endgegner The Saviour of UTA. Worship me as DJ worships sofa

    Mar 5, 2006
    UTAssault 20yrs of Unreal Tournament event:

    1. =]DoG[= Timo, Che, Cyborg, Solar, Ulv, VitzY, RavehDaveh, SullenScrote
    2. ~dzz~ smant, Tompa, NoMercy, WildLee, Fuler, PHatHome666, utNightwing
    UT4.Adrenaline FatJeff, Spitter, Farac, Gurkburken, Reija, Jr
    4. dot. twnZ, uZi, Sneez, Thera, DClare, Kane
    5. CoHschland Sphere, Supermic,html, warGod, Bart, dErzOnk
    6. NoLaunch! Torp, HumaK, zkyp, Retard, NaaB, Medor

    Group 1:
    dot.: 4 vs CoHschland: 0
    dot.: 3 vs NoLaunch!: 4
    CoHschland: 2 vs NoLaunch!: 4

    NoLaunch! advance to Final

    Group 2:
    UT4.Adrenaline: 0 vs ~dzz~: 4
    UT4.Adrenaline: 2
    vs =]DoG[=: 4
    ~dzz~: 4
    vs =]DoG[=: 2

    ~dzz~ advance to Final

    Final: NoLaunch! vs ~dzz~
    Ballistic, AutoRIP, GolgothaAL, Desertstorm, Golgotha][AL, Riverbed]|[AL, Rook

    win 4-3

    Thank you to Torp for organizing the event, Timo for setting servers, and all participants and spectators. It was amazing having so many people come back to play, chat, spectate, and have some fun.

    PS: The 20th anniversary of UTAssault.net is in February, 2020. ;););)
  4. Bart

    Bart Mister Mediocre

    Jan 10, 2002
    Thanks to everyone who had been involved for pulling this up. :)
    Although my team has lost both matches and it was shorter than i expected, in my narrow view it was a worthy farewell to UT and the glorious UTA times.

    Too bad some people signed up, but couldnt play. Nevertheless thanks to the guys who were willing to help out as mercs (especially to twnz who helped us in the last match amazingly with his skill).

    I dunno how people who regularly play PUGs or hang out in discord will review this event, but for me - as a pretty inactive player (never palying PUGs, dont hang out in Discord and didnt play any clanwar since over 10 years) - it was like coming back to your hometown you've left many years ago. Seeing all the old & new things while walking down the memory lane.
    Ofc that doesnt mean that you wanna live in your hometown again (;)), but experiencing it for this short time was worth the time & fun.
    Also it was nice to see some people i've seen the last time a loooonnngggg time ago.

    Most of as are in their 30s/40s or 50s now. Every old player have experienced alot since the Haiday of UTA in 2002-2004 (https://web.archive.org/web/20030621165303/http://www.utassault.net/main.html).
    Without trying to sound too melodramatic, but in the last two days i've heard about good & nice people i've played with who have already died. Two names pretty shocked me tbh.
    So everyone who are reading this lines: Don't dare dieing until the "UT 50th anniversary Event" in 30 years!!!!!

    Uh, one more thing: There was something i seriously missed the last two days: There were no hating and flaming! How pathetic!
    So to revive the good old feeling, i'll close my post with:
    Everyone i dont know is a sucker and the teams whe won vs us obviously cheated.
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  5. endgegner

    endgegner The Saviour of UTA. Worship me as DJ worships sofa

    Mar 5, 2006
    You missed DJ randomly joining Discord and talking shit. Alas, you're right. Even Dj made some good points:

    [3:51 PM] DJ:
    U got A president
    [3:52 PM] DJ:
    Whos fucking retarded
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