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    1. LeNiXiS
      You not got a job yet?! you must be like 30 years old by now...! Stop spending all your money on flints, tinder, tents and bear traps etc! haha :P
    2. Raft^
      haha sure thing ;-] many people bug me for it, spoq and rudi (if you remember rudi xD) are both playing it too as far as I know but as long as my pc is running fuck it, i kinda cant afford to buy a new one so... :P
    3. LeNiXiS
      That sucks! buy a new one! Let me know if you ever get around to it, will still have these beta invites!
    4. Raft^
      lol yo len

      my pc is from 1999 it doenst run dota 2 man :( how shit is that ey? ^^
    5. LeNiXiS
      Oh btw, if you haven't been invited to the beta... I have 2 spare invites, if you and spoq or whoever want them, just let me know bro!
    6. LeNiXiS

      I'm playing Dota 2. If you're playing add me on steam - len90 / Captain.Chump.

      I'm getting pretty hooked, playing silencer like spoq! haha
    7. Raft^
      Haha, I thought this would be the case.

      I didn't really get that much into HoN to be honest, I already got back to dota 1 again. Still playing on dota-league with Spoq :P Dota 2 is in beta phase right now and I think it will be released in early 2012, so it will take a while. I'm not sure how things will go here, I might go to Japan for a year soonish so then I'll be gone anyway :P but if I stay here I'll give it a try aswell.

      I don't got steam, so I'll use this forum to talk to you! :P good to see you're busy with work, but 26 is not even close to actually being grown up haha, at least I don't think I'll call myself grown up in say 3 years :P but you never know :o

    8. LeNiXiS
      Yo, just read the message about HoN bro, I stopped playing a while back. The servers we're messed up for a month so I kinda stopped playing, then the game went free to play because half the players had left.

      I got pretty bored of it tbh, they released a new hero every week, trying to learn a new hero weekly wasn't so much fun!

      Dota 2 is supposed to be out soonish? Might give that a go, but I'm pretty busy with work at the min! I'm 26 this year mate, I'm like a grown up! haha

      Add me on steam if you have it so you can talk to me, my account is len90 and I'm called Captain.Chump

      Peace out bro!
    9. Raft^
      Start reading 4 posts down and work your way up :P stupid limitations fucked up my post

    10. Raft^
      Oh, Canadians are really nice people too. They are so relaxed and open for everything, I think it might be cause all of them have different backgrounds and the country being quite young. So yeah, I'm looking forward to the summer and my traveling, I'll get a better chance to explore the wild here (brought my Bear Grylls gear oh yeah!)
      although the crosscountry ski-ing should be good too.

      That's about it!
    11. Raft^
      When I'm done with my internship (june 30th) I'll go traveling. Although I don't really know where I want to go yet. I met a french student and she invited me to come over to Yukon (next to alaska) shes there for fieldwork (6 months) so I prolly go into that direction, and do some hiking on my way there in the northwest terretories, should be awesome too.

      During weekdays I don't get to go outside the city much though. I don't got a drivers license and it's hard to take a bus far out of the city. So I spend most of my time doing sports (play soccer on 3 teams and do ji-jitsu and swim) and hang out with people on remaining night(s). I have quite a crush on this girl I work with, but she just got together with another guy (5 days before we were going on a trip) so meh! That was kind of a bummer lol.
    12. Raft^
      I know a canadian who plays hon, he might show me how to play.

      Canada is great man. I am in Edmonton, Alberta, which is mid-southish. Winter is just amazing here. There has been snow since I arrived in November and its about -10 to -25ish usually. Some pretty cold days when its like -36 and we had a week of +6 which was epic cause people walk outside without jackets, just a t-shirt lol.

      I just been on a snowboard trip in the rocky mountains and it was amazing. The rockies were not quite as high as I thought, but there is no end to them man, mountains as far as you can see. We always have blue sky and sun too btw, so weather is great (I heard in the summer it will be more cloudy :( ). I will go crosscountry ski-ing with a chick from my work this month in another national park, should be tons of fun.
    13. LeNiXiS
      You could try HoN over there btw, they have region filters, so you can play with just EU players, US players etc. Depends how much time you have tho! I think I prefer HoN just because of the match making thats all inbuilt, you dont have to log on to a website, type a game name in warcraft etc. Just press join and you are in a game in 1 min!

      Whats Canada like? i've always wanted to go lol
    14. Raft^
      couldnt post more than 1000 characters so first partt is fucked but np :P
    15. Raft^
      Haha yeah man I'm here for my undergrad (internship) but just last week my professor suggested that I should think about doing my masters here. I can apply for a scholarship and basicly do a free masters then, but it will mean I will stay here for 2,5 years which is kind of long. So I don't know what I will do next. I got some pretty goo... :P

      I thought about going back to WoW, but its too dangerous, I'd go massive hardcore again haha and I don't really want to do that. Dota alone is boring indeed, but it is the only game I played in recent years lol. The newer versions were actually pretty good and well, my pc wont support any new games anyway. :D

      Spoq still plays dota too, he just keeps making multiaccounts and usually gets away with it, until he gets new perma bans for flaming haha.
      To be honest, I'll give HoN a shot when I get back home :P although I still really like dota though hmm....! We'll see, I'll play both haha

      Cheers man!
    16. LeNiXiS
      Omg your in Canada? Doing something for your degree?

      I went back to wow when I stopped playing dota, I've been playing wow since, but proper softcore while playing other games. I guy I played wow with was talking about HoN so I tried it out. I'd forgot so much about dota by then so, so I've started from the bottom again.

      I was pretty bad at start, but you get the hang of it, the match making is a lot better than dota. Your rating goes up and down, not like dota where it just goes up forever. There are a lot of heroes the same, a lot removed and a few new ones. I enjoy playing it, but its kinda sucky playing alone, and all the people I play with play like 3 games a year, and suck haha.

      Anyhow, take care in Canada, and if you fancy playing when you get back, just PM me here. Can get rambo spoq playing, but I guess he already is after he got banned from dota lol
    17. Raft^
      LOL man I moved to Canada (till august 2011) I still played Dota when I was in NL but since I got in Canada I cant be bothered with a 2000 ping haha. I tried HoN but it didn't work for me man :P so flashy and all, I stuck to dota. So many things changed hehe its quite balanced now. Necro/Deathprophet(banshee?? forgot name) are not imba anymore for years now lol.

      I dont think I will play any game while im here though, prolly pick it up when Im back in NL, might give hon a try again too lol but it's gunna take a while so mby u already quit hon at that time :P

    18. LeNiXiS
      RAFT MATE, you still playing dota? I've just started HON. If yer already on it, my name is Lendusa. I've forgot how to play dota, im really bad lol
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