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  1. Romeo
    Music is my soul
  2. {DnF}Sabre
    Utterly confused about where he is and why he's here.
  3. Julia Henriksson
    Julia Henriksson
    I am a Sweden based E commerce business deal with spare parts,accessories,home and electronic products etc.
  4. Snuggs
    Snuggs HUEY
    How are u m8?
  5. Snuggs
    Snuggs Sullen_Scrota
    Still one of the best avatars eva :)
  6. Snuggs
    Snuggs Bossk
    Mann. Hör endlich aud dich zu verstecken! :)
  7. Snuggs
    Snuggs brajan
    Time to play some UT again!
  8. Snuggs
    Snuggs thePROPHET!
    Time to remember UT.
    We still play!
  9. Snuggs
    Snuggs Hugh(_I_)Jarse
    Hi, remember me?
    12 hour marathon on orange :)
  10. Snuggs
    Snuggs apex
    Hey :)
  11. Jhonny
    Jhonny Gen76
    oye bro soy nuevo me ayudas
  12. Jhonny
    soy nuevo ayuda
  13. JY_AKUMA
  14. idle
    alive, semionline as with gaming semistuff . discord? cant be thing from the devilish dak side me thinks :rolleyes:
  15. Snuggs
    Snuggs Grzegorz Kubicki
    Hey m8!

    Hope ur fine.
    Damn corona brought me back to uED :o

    Epic gave the guys from OldUnreal the UT source code...and now afteraround 15 years, UT gets a new patch 469.

    Join discord m8
  16. Chujciwdupe
  17. endgegner
    endgegner Pitbull
    Get your ass back here
  18. uZi
    uZi Cratos
    Hey cratos, we're trying to get hold of the leagueAS code so we can make it compatible with the new UT 469 patch. Any chance you could send it?

    You can join the UTA discord here:

    1. endgegner likes this.
  19. endgegner
  20. Chronox
    Feeling nostalgic.
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